I’ve uploaded a Vlog onto Youtube as a wrap-up to the Girl Jesus playlist and I thought I’d slap it on this ‘lil blog-a-roo cuz that’s what blogs are for…

The cast who performed in the version of Girl Jesus which is on Youtube were such a fantastic group! They put up with my newness as a director which meant that they probably rehearsed more than they would have with someone else. Thankfully what I lacked in experience I made up for in providing snacks for rehearsals snd showing and oodles of gratitude for their work and friendships. This group made my work easier because they knew a lot about acting and gave lots of ideas.

When I contrast this version of the show with the performances given the second time around, (when we were extended) and I had to plug in five new actors (including myself) with extremely limited rehearsal time, I wanted to note that the second cast kinda didn’t give a fuck because we barely held it together so they felt more comfortable going balls out and basically fucking around a lot. Definitely the second run was less controlled and more ridiculous and sloppier. …But who doesn’t like it sloppy, amiright?

Both casts were amazing. Both shows were amazing. I forgot to mention Trey Hanks in my Youtube vlog (who is also my good friend) so I wanted to give a shout out to Trey if he reads this sometime. Trey was awesome as Mysterious Hot New Guy and he did it totally different than Chris did. I have a picture of Chris and Trey (Both Mysterious Hot New Guys) together at The Annoyance 30th Anniversary Party (or something like that). Check it!


So those are my thoughts and shout outs for now. This blog situation will unfold over time but I definitely wanted to cover all bases by blogging my vlog. 

Best to all!