I am so happy to announce officially that I am blogging now. Yay! This is a big step. It’s a big step because writers write and the older more seasoned I get, the more I understand that writing is my flow state and I should get on a schedule with it because it’s good for me.

Back in March I marked my calendar and allotted six weeks to write a play. I started writing about five days later than I’d planned, but I finished three weeks early! During that month of writing every day on a set schedule I was the best version of myself (except for my Bukowski moment when I got really drunk at work and told my coworkers that I once ate dog treats because I was sad, and that I give terrible blow jobs that everybody hates). Aside from that one moment, March was the best month I’ve had in Michigan!

…In March I…

  • Dropped like four pounds of Michigan blubber from jogging 8.5 miles three times a week.*
  • Dragged my ass (most weeks) to the top secret just-for-fun improv show I sometimes do on Tuesday nights.
  • Made it out to the Planet Ant (comedy theater located 28 miles from where I live) a bunch of times, reconnected with some Old Gs and received a warm welcome by a new group too (which smashed my stereotype that Michigan people are hard to get to know.)

Things were looking up. Then I finished the writing the show, and things got shitty fast, (I got bronchitis, switched jobs, and had some issues at home to deal with), hence my former blog post in which I probably used the “Fuck” word too many times. By the way, thanks for being completely nonjudgemental and loving everything I do. It helps.

Next blog post- Friday.

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***Don’t be too impressed by the jogging because the way I do it, it’s really just walking with a touch of sass.

Thanks for reading!