It’s good to have dreams. I think it’s good to have like one or two solid dreams that you can work towards over time. These days I have to admit that I have a long history of starting too many projects at once, being overly ambitious and burning out.

So now I’m taking some of my aspirations out back to the shed and puttin ’em down so that I can channel my resources into projects that I can sustain for the long haul.

(Read my last post about not performing anymore so I can focus on writing.)

…I mean the last thing I want right now is to have another Girl Jesus on my hands… (project that requires more than I can give and nobody gets to see.)

After much rumination I think these are the projects that I can do:

  • Keep blogging (loving it!)
  • Start writing my story embryos (story ideas I loosely work on over time) into fiction pieces.
  • Occasionally upload video projects to YouTube (I have a couple in mind), but accept that I’m not in a position to try to grow an audience or go on a rigorous upload schedule at this time.
  • If/when I’m ready to direct or mount my material (AKA Girl Jesus 2), I will do it locally in my small town rather than at established theaters in MI that are too far away from me.

See? Now that felt good. All this thinking I’ve been doing has been about deciding stuff like- should write ‘Story X’ into a screenplay vs. a short story?

Thought process is as follows:

Well, I watch movies but I don’t read fiction, so… screenplay? Vs. Well, I have to rely on a lot of crazy luck and other people to turn a screenplay into a movie when it would be a lot easier to throw a story on Amazon for $.99 or just offer for free as a download on my site so… short story?

Anyway, I’m just done chasing a life that is lived by a person who has the same ideas as me but who has completely different energy levels and resources. For now I just want to start producing work without going insane (again).

…And if people are interested in what I do, I want them to be able to go online and check some of my work out. Period. I can’t do that with my TV pilots…

Well I guess that’s not true… I can just take the TV pilots I’ve already written and upload them onto this site and people can read them if they are so inclined. Why not? I could do that. They’re just sitting in a folder on my computer doing nothing anyway.


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