Oh crap! It’s Friday already!

Today I’m going to the beach with my family and (thankfully) not focused on career matters. Instead, I feel like I’m living in a time warp between the past and the future. I’m obsessed with Astrology, and this week we are between a solar eclipse on July 2nd and the lunar eclipse on July 16th, which are happening in my career, hopes and dreams, groups I belong to, friendships, creativity/children houses, and light hearted romance. (So much to unpack here!)

Anyway, before I slap on my suite and load my nieces and nephews up in my truck I have something to say! -As soon as the dust has settled on the 4th of July weekend, I’m ready to start my next writing project, and it will be a fiction piece. It’ll be horror based on a location (not saying which, haters fuck off) that I feel inspired by and have a high reference level to.

I haven’t written fiction since college so I’m going to give myself permission to write the shittiest short story imaginable and when it’s done, I’ll hopefully be able to share it online somewhere. I want it to be a solid beach read.

Thank’s ya’ll. Be careful stay alive for me!

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