There are so many advantages to creating this website and getting on a blogging schedule. The blog alone is keeping me focused and honest when it comes to my writing, sorta like how Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages from The Artists’ Way changed my life for the better. (I will write more about The Artists’ Way later, but it’s basically a book to help your inner artist recover after it’s been shat upon by the world and is now all poopy and doing nothing. Check it out! It’s life changing.) In addition to blogging, having this website has fixed a couple problems in my life and is getting me ready to find a more adult and paid incarnation of my career. I thought I would list some personal reasons for this website as well as some professional hopes I have.

Personal reasons for this website:

  • Nobody in Michigan has a clue about what I’ve done and now they can just type in my url and check it out. No more sounding like a damn liar when I tell people I’m a comedian.
  • I feel personally gratified when I visit my website and see the work I’ve given everything to compiled in one place. It is easier for me to remember it all with fondness.
  • This is saving me time having to fly my freak flag to new people. Just go to the website and decide if you think I’m a basic bitch, a piece of shit, or cool as fuck.
  • This website has taken my power back from social media. I read Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Accounts Media Right Now by Jaron Lanier (Check it out!) and it made me feel serious about taking control of my online presence. Now that I have this website I can control my career narrative to the gatekeepers of opportunity rather than being a passive victim to Silicon Valley douches who fuck around with algorithms for a living leaving us normal people totally unable to control our online lives.
  • This blog is here to show people what I go through to do this. I think about these things carefully all the time and I’ve sacrificed material stability, as well as the approval of people in general in order to produce the work you see on this website. I want people to visit the site and read the blog and be like… ‘I have a whole new respect for people who produce their art whether they are famous or not.’

Professional goals for this website:

  • My goal is to use this website as a virtual portfolio and resume to industry gatekeepers.
  • My goal is to monetize this blog and grow an audience.
  • My goal is to build digital media marketing skills that earn money.
  • My goal is to use this website as an advertisement to those who’d consider hiring me as a freelancer to create digital media content for them (web copy, blog posts, video editor, web designer, aka anything you see here-er), cuz this was all done with my own two hands. I taught myself everything you see on this site and I can’t get hired to do this for other people unless its in website format.
  • My goal is to use this blog to engage with my network on Linked-in. It is my speculation that taking the Linked-in route will be more fruitful than trying to be something on Twitter, a site that I don’t use or understand the point of.
  • My goal is to compile enough blog posts here so that I can understand what my message is as it emerges. That way I’ll be better equipped to identify who my target audience is and apply the digital marketing skills I hope to learn over time to find that audience.
  • My goal is to use this website to market future digital products. I am in love with the idea of writing an ebook and posting it on Amazon for cheap. Bitch needs a website for that.

That’s about it. If you’re curious how I accomplished the making of this website, here it is. I got the url from GoDaddy. I hosted it on Siteground. I use WordPress and I bought the Divi theme to build the content in WordPress. (Divi was worth it!) I learned how to do it by watching YouTube videos. 

Thank you so much for reading my content. You guys are cool.

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