Happy Lunar Eclipse! Last night I celebrated by eating too much ice cream right before bed.

I wrote about My Website Goals in my last blog post. If you read it you’ll notice that I have a lot of professional goals with this here blog-a-roo. There are so many reasons why I think blogging professionally would suite me, and today I wanted to riff on some of the challenges I face in order to make this a paid gig in the face of being li’l ol’ me.

Before I talk about the challenges, I should say that being me has it’s advantages, especially when it comes to being a writer. I’ve been reading listening to a lot of content around personality psychology and personal growth and I’ve concluded that I am a Myers Briggs INFP.

INFP’s are introverted iconoclasts who prefer to adventure on their own. We have a special ability with language, both written and spoken. When we’re fully on board with a goal, you have to kill us to stop us.

So within that short description you can see the appeal of blogging for me. I can travel, I get to write and be introspective, and I don’t have to directly collaborate with a group.

Being me sure is fan-fucking-tastic, right? Well here is how I’m fucking myself over as an INFP:

I am so attuned to my own feelings that I’m inept when it comes to becoming popular. I’m not saying that groups of people don’t like me, (because they usually do at first, until I let them down by being self indulgent and hating authority figures), it’s just that popularity is always a surprise to me when it happens, and it doesn’t last because of the whole introverted adventurer thing. Once I’ve experienced something, I want to break free and do something else. So my point is that I really have to work out my blind spots if I’m going to gain a blog readership and sustain it.

Like, right now I have to (1.) stop pissin’ in the wind with my fuckin fairy tales, and (2.) delay gratification on all the fun projects I’m excited about, and do actual research about how to get a readership outside of the circle jerk of my facebook friends (who are also artists promoting their creative projects to each other).

This is gonna hurt. This is gonna hurt a lot. This means I’m going to have to not focus on writing a fiction piece, or get my TV pilots perfect, because after this summer I’ll need to use the digital marketing skills (that I don’t have yet) to get paid so that I can do more of those fun things I love, later.

So yet again, I’m narrowing things down. Yay self awareness! I suck, but I can do something about it!

If you want to know how I profiled myself  as an INFP I recommend the YouTube Channel DaveSuperPowers and the the Personality Hacker Podcast. I suggest starting with DaveSuperPowers though, because he’s funny and the videos are shorter. Personality Hacker Podcast is more of a deep dive.

Stay classy, small readership! 

Next blog post- Friday.

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