You heard me. I’m toning it down!

I’ve edited my website to put the dicks and the period jokes towards the bottom of my homepage to make room for this blog which is now arranged into a more attractive design. Look at me! I’m accepting the fact that I’m not Susan Messing- a Chicago improvisor who is known, and loved for her unapologetic filthiness.

This isn’t about drastically changing my voice though, it’s more about tweaking things a bit for the overall aesthetic. I don’t want to water down my message because then I would be just like everyone else, but as an art-teest I’m apologizing for my filth by fucking toning it down.

Moving forward I am going to be less weird and disgusting. My Dick Jokes video was geared towards people with my exact sense of humor. The video made me laugh a lot, and my bestie watched it and cried with laughter because she and I are very much the same.

But just as Jackson Pollack carefully splattered paint randomly onto a canvass and then was revered as a genius, I am going to be a bit more careful and concise with the splatter in my art.

I think it’s appropriate to say fuck. I also think it’s appropriate to have morals and be a lady. I also someday want & need to produce the horror short I wrote in 2017 about a boyfriend who keeps taking his girlfriend out on dates to eat buffalo wings and then eating her out while she’s on her period over and over again until one day he resorts to cannibalism by eating her insides so that he can assume her identity as a woman by wearing her skin. I wanted to call it simply “WANGZ!”, and it would be a comment on masculinity, just like Buffalo Bill (see the easter egg there… Buffalo wings… Buffalo Bill a crossdressing serial killer based on Ed Gien.) God I would be so good at horror!

I am blue balls-ing to do horror.

Sorry… Where was I? Oh yes. Toning it down. Anyway, I can’t blow my wad on periods and dicks within the first five seconds of someone visiting my website or meeting me. I want to find the right moment to slip it in… Kinda like dicks.

For now I have to keep truckin’ on the sorta fun -but- sorta boring task of learning more tech skills with the blog, SEO, and Linked-in. Today I spent a long time narrowing down my message and  talking myself out of getting side tracked by cool new ideas. I actually think the path forward is coming into focus. I’m getting there.

Also, I should mention now that this personal journal style of blog posts is probably not going to continue for long. I set out to write ten like this and calibrate after blog #10. After the first ten I’m going to attempt to offer more value to readers and do some keyword research and such. I’m just going to do less of my personal musings but while I’m learning that’s all I have. Smily face!

Feel free to comment!

Next blog post- Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!