Well, hey there… Was I supposed to write blog #9 in my 10 blog series today? Well fuck. My brain is too fried to rub 500 words together in a coherent narrative because I have been hard at work taking my WordPress game to the next level by adding some new plugins, and figuring out how they fucking work. (Notice that when you click off of any page on this site other than my home page there is now a subscribe popup. That killed like 9,000,000 of my brain cells to accomplish.)

Nevermind my list of fun things to do this summer. Nevermind that it’s lobster week at Mudgie’s, or the fact that some loose acquaintances from Chicago are camping at the campground which is basically where I work. (I work part time at a golf course and I surprisingly like it a lot.) I’m getting shit done because I will need to replace my golf course income in the next two and a half months and momma needs a SLR camera!

I also dyed my hair pink and it’s taking some getting used to. I think all this blogging about my former life as an awesome girl is making me miss my alterna-chic style.

Here is the hair. I hope it doesn’t get me fired.

Soooo… I meant to link the books I’ve read this week onto this post but like I said, my brain is fried and nothing is working and I don’t feel like figuring out how to make the images look right and such. Just go to my homepage and you’ll see some of my current reads there.

Sorry that this is a lazy one. Eventually this will be a good website that people will visit because I can offer value and everything is going to be like a fucking fairy tale. I can go to Thailand this winter and spend the rest of my life dying my hair fantasy colors and having fun later.

If you read this, thanks!


Jessica Kate Wilcox