Oh Lordy, where have I been?

Working. That’s the answer. Boring, isn’t it?

But it has’t been for nothing. For the last two years (almost) I have faded away into the woodwork, planning, thinking, waitressing, and learning new skills that will take me to the next level in my creative career. I’m free now, so no more people looking at me and asking me if I forgot to go to college. No more people approaching me wondering how such a nice looking girl from such an upstanding family could end up in a joint like this, slinging ramekins of ranch-a-flowing. And Tito’s. So much Tito’s.

The plan was never to fester away forever doing shift work that makes everything else impossible, living out a constant availability battle with a middle manager. The plan was to figure things out and get the skills and the tools I need to break free and make a living on my own moxie. And now I’m ready to launch, baby!

I have set into motion a nine tier plan that should meet my personal financial needs and then some. I’ve finally launched my Party Tarot Reader site, bigreadings.com and it’s been going great! The money I earn from the parties should be enough to get me through the the end of the year, at which point I should be ready to freelance (video and web stuff).

I also have a pretty clear plan for another passion project to launch, but for now I’d rather not jinx it by announcing it too soon. I’m just happy that I don’t have a shift work job anymore and I’m making money on my own. Once I am confident and have a degree of stability, I know exactly which creative projects I’ll produce.

Thanks for reading!