Right off the bat I want to apologize to the SEO Gods for how long the title of this blog post is. Sorry Gods. I suck.

Today I am crawling out of a hole and rejoining the world because I just filmed and uploaded 12 YouTube videos in two days and now I hate myself. I reluctantly made the videos because I wanted a free way to market my side hustle as a Tarot reader for parties and events. I filmed myself doing Tarot readings for each of the zodiac signs and it was a nightmare every step of the way.

What was so bad about it, you ask? It sucked because I didn’t want to do it in the first place. It’s something I felt like I had to try, and now that it’s done I can write the experience off as something I hated so much that I should never do it again. It was just too painful and I felt so vulnerable putting that type of content out there. (I am aware of the fact that the entire concept is idiotic. I’m just so eager to support myself online that I was willing to try anything.)

On the upside I am happy that I learned a lot about my new vlogging camera, the Canon M50 (I achieved a blurry background. Yay.) and I learned some stuff about YouTube’s creator’s studio. Obviously I have some experience uploading videos to YouTube but I’ve never done it with any strategy behind it. I was always just messing around and experimenting.

I’m not done with YouTube, though because YouTube is the only social media platform that I’m personally into. Since the Tarot Zodiac debacle (literally yesterday), I am heavily considering attempting Vlogmas to see how I feel about making lifestyle content. I like the idea of having an intense challenge with a clear start and end so that I’m not over committed and I can evaluate after.

Please be grateful that you don’t live inside of my head. It’s full of career angst.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a career counselor. Let’s hope she can help me figure out how to get freelancing work.

Being an artist is the best and most confusing thing in the world.

Thanks for reading, friends!

You can watch the heinous videos here.