Guess what? Guess!

I signed up for classes and I’m going back to school! It won’t be a master’s degree or anything fancy. I’m just going to get my web design certificate at the local community college. Why? Because I’m cheap and I love creating content!

The goal is to earn good money making websites and scale the business later using digital marketing strategies and adding other freelancers. Because I have a bad habit of wanting to do too many projects at once I’m sorta thinking I should plan to scrap the lifestyle YouTube idea and take the video content into a more “tech” direction to position myself as a credible designer and gain an audience.

I am definitely still bitten by the YouTube bug though so…

The current plan is to do another round of Tarot videos while I’m designing a website to start getting the freelance gigs I want. I’m not a 100% expert on WordPress, graphic design, or writing for digital media, but I’m confident enough in my knowledge of the basics to just dive right in!

Anyone know anyone who wants a good website? This is the first time I’m putting the word out. Check out my two websites!

Thanks for reading,