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In 2015 I decided that I absolutely had to do something big to reenter the comedy scene or my dreams would slip away for good. The result was sitting down to write a one act play that evolved into a full length shoe-string musical. I pitched the show to my theater of choice and was rejected, so I pulled my pants up to my tits and pitched the show to five more comedy theaters in Chicago and was accepted to three of them.

I ultimately chose The Public House Theatre because the producers offered help and allowed me extra time to put everything together over the course of four or five months.

The result was and is what I consider my free 'MFA from the University of Autodidact-ism' in producing a show from writing the script to pitching the show to casting, directing, fundraising and promoting.

I am incredibly proud of my work on Girl Jesus, Resurrected & Back to School and thus I find it befitting that in 2019 I should write a scaled back, unplugged sequel that follows the original characters to their senior year in high school, written four years after the original was written when the characters were mere freshman.

About Girl Jesus 2, Senior year...


It's four years later and time for Girl Jesus & friends to pick careers!

...But will Girl Jesus buck parental pressure to die on a cross of martyrdom because she'd rather attend community college?

Her career dilemma is complicated further when Girl Jesus's mom finally loses her virginity, introducing an unwanted new male figure into Girl Jesus's manger life.

Also Homeroom Teacher subjects the seniors to a barrage never ending of sex education classes that leave them way too knowledgable about fucking while processing their grief for the loss of Debate Girl.


A look back on the original show!

Original Press release copy:

In a parallel universe Jesus is a girl... and she's in high school.

Will Girl Jesus incur the wrath of her absentee father, God, when she attempts to win popularity by summoning the Holy Spirit to get her class drunk on miracle booze at a party? Will she discover that being cool has nothing to do with obeying the rules and everything to do with getting a makeover and winning a boyfriend? Or does the answer lie in disobeying her sexually repressed mother, befriending her nemesis, Mean Girl, and discovering that all the drama is just an illusion created by her apathetic Homeroom Teacher?

The answer is yes! Girl Jesus is the classic protagonist struggling with low self-esteem, hygiene issues, and the belief that she must ditch her role as a Miss-iah in order to achieve mediocrity. In the end she succeeds by leading her class in a mutiny of their year-long detention so she can “save” her school’s talent show, in lieu of saving humanity.

Girl Jesus proves that a young lady can really shine once she stops Bible thumping and starts preaching to the beat of her own drummer.

Gabrielle Wilson Photo credit: Kelly Frank


...Additional GJ Content!

As the GJ documentarian I couldn't exclude these two gems! The first video was filmed in my old apartment in Andersonville (Chicago neighborhood) where we held Girl Jesus rehearsals, and the other is the promotional video I slapped together with Gabrielle Wilson to promote the second run fo the show. Thanks for watching!

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