Tv Pilot/s

In 2017 I staged the reading of two television pilots. They were both whimsical and silly/stupid. One was called Earth Up and Coming, and the other was called College Monster Farce.

Since I'm not sending these puppies out to literary agents right now, I thought I would just post them on my site so people can check them out if they want to. Please note that they're not in perfect shape and are intended as writing samples rather than actual TV show proposals.

Read the blog post about Collage Monster Farce & suggested edits here.

I'll preface College Monster Farce by saying it was based on my college years when I did campus security and smoked a bunch of weed. I think it's a better sample of my work than Earth Up & Coming, which may never get to see the light of day again because it's more dumb than fun, if ya know what I mean. Monster Farce has its redeeming moments. Stick with it past the first page or two and give it a chance!

The tonal reference was supposed to be The Santa Clarita Diet, meets Law & Order SVU, meets Scooby Doo.

Please note that one of the characters' name is Persephone, which is pronounced Per-sef-O-knee.

Enough with the preface! Here is my pilot. If you read feel free to contact me and let me know!


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